Lucia Šimková: A4 posters

07 06. 2018 Thursday 19:00
vstup voľný

Free entrance


Peter Barényi: kresby a koláže – drawings and collages

30 04. 2018 Monday 18:00
vstup voľný

Selection from the broadest group of works on paper, which the author created in the past two years. Subtle drawings are a form of a visual diary, which uses simple forms of expression as a point, fleck, line, and sheet. For Barény they are the fastest (but not THE fastest) and most authentic form of expression.


Islands of seduction – subtle intervention

23 03. 2018 Friday 18:00
vstup voľný

Authors Danka Tomečková, Maja Štefančíková

This is not an exhibition. Nothing is exhibited. Only showing that which is already here. In other shades. Space intervention from authors who work with things and architectonic specifics of a place. They don't bring anything that would not exist in the said place, but they position the existing into new context hence testing the eye of the visitor.


“Bratislavské superštruktúry” – Bratislava Superstructures

09 12. 2017 Saturday 18:00
vstup voľný

Exposition of a photo series of Bratislava superstructures, which is an author and conceptual cooperation of graphic designer Aurélia Garová and the artist Deana Kolenčíková. Bratislava Superstructures is not only a documentation of hybrid structures or dollops but also an understanding of this phenomenon as a reflection of disturbance of public space. The project is focused on architecture, while not being an expert architectural research. Selection of presented photographs will be included in the equally named publication. Čítaj viac »

Nové aspekty výtvarnej metafory

08 09. 2017 Friday 19:00
vstup voľný

Painting author Marína Pavlovičová, curator Andrea Luptáková, musical guest Jablko Noci

We are inviting you to art vernissage of Marína Pavlovičová, who will present her fresh paintings with experimental elements. As the experiment is the goal of artworks under the title New Aspects of the Art Metaphor. Musical guest of the evening will be the alternative band Jablko Noci, known mainly from Demovnica concerts and radio FM. Creation of the artworks was support by the Fund for the support of the Arts and is curated by Andrea Luptáková. Čítaj viac »

MULTIPLACE #15: Piksel RemoteLab / Building simple instruments using guitar pedals workshop

04 03. 2017 Saturday 14:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Saturday / 14.00, 18.00, 20.00 / workshop, showcase, projection, performance / free entry

an exhibition curated by Gisle Froysland and Maite Cajaraville (Piksel Festival /Norway) for A4 (Slovekia). Čítaj viac »

Nomadic Arts Festival ‘16: Neighbourhood and Territory

23 09. 2016 Friday 17:00
vstup voľný

Neighbourhood and Territory is a performance and cultural festival taking place in a local area around the two streets: Šancová and Karpatská, Bratislava. The aim is to engage with the local community around A4, by bringing the textures of the neighbourhood into the forefront, through research, arts and cultural activity. The festival is thus an investigation into Neighbourhood and Territory, which will celebrate and explore the area by inviting local, regional and international artists and researchers to work with local citizens, initiatives and NGO’s. Čítaj viac »

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