Living in Emergency: Tales of Doctors without borders

21 05. 2018 Monday 19:00
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Free entry Čítaj viac »

The Last Pig

02 03. 2018 Friday 18:00
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The documentary film The Last Pig will be screened in six cities across Slovakia! „The Last Pig is a lyrical meditation on what it means to be a conscious being with the power to kill.“

The entrance fee is voluntary, but the number of spaces is limited. More info at

Organized by Vegánske hody, c.a.


What the hell Noturno is? – Eduardo Matos

11 01. 2018 Thursday 19:00

For the start of the year, we prepared a projection of the successful short film Noturno from the Brazilian director Eduardo Matos, who has won awards worldwide.

Through pictures mixed into an assemblage, the film presents two characters – a foreign man and a girl from a German village who have more in life in common then it might appear at a first glance: interest in photography, loneliness and a life outside a social life. Čítaj viac »

Šilalo paňori (Studená vodička) a Ťažká duša

24 09. 2017 Sunday 18:00
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Dedicated to the memory of Béla Pokuta, unparalleled Roma singer

The Marek Šulík Documentary film Tažká Duša captures three stories from Roma communities and follows the way in which traditional Roma music is transferred from generation to generation and survives or does not transfer and dies away. Šilalo paňori is the name of an ethnomusicological research of old Roma requiems. This project was realized thanks to the support of The Slovak Research and Development Agency.

The film was supported by the Slovak Arts Council. Čítaj viac »

The Moscow Trials

05 04. 2017 Wednesday 20:00
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The impulse for the creation the Moscow trials was the arrest and conviction of the punk group Pussy Riot in 2012. According to Milo Rau, in prosecution, trial and sentencing of activists culminates a decade of anti-democratic processes, which the Russian regime leads against artistic community and political activists.

Before projection, guided tour with the curator of the exhibition will be held at 18.00 on Beskydská 12 street.


MULTIPLACE # 15: Music 2016 - Miss Social bubble

08 03. 2017 Wednesday 19:00
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Lecture and projection

Andrej Kabal, Aleš Stuchlý, Karel Veselý

So much music all around: but isn't it kind of weird? Aren't the authors degenerating in all those mikroscene? Is your social bubble better than my social bubble?  Čítaj viac »

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