Palo Fabuš: Mediácia alebo Živé metafory – Pavol Fabuš: Meditation and live Metaphors

16 02. 2081 Sunday 18:00
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Technology and thought – lecture cycle on media philosophy Čítaj viac »

Palo Fabuš: Passionate imagination towards a holistic Me

27 06. 2018 Wednesday 18:00
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lecture / free entry

Technology and thought – lecture cycle on media philosophy Čítaj viac »

Futurit / Musical cities: #Los Angeles

21 06. 2018 Thursday 18:00
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Lecture Čítaj viac »

Palo Fabuš: Computers thought

29 05. 2018 Tuesday 18:00
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Technology and thought – lecture cycle on media philosophy Čítaj viac »

Futurit: Popular music in its context #Berlín

24 05. 2018 Thursday 19:00
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After the war, Germany was a divided and suffering country. The war destroyed music. Official channels were dominated by schlager – kitsch pop that was supposed to please and placate the masses. If the Germans did not want to make links to the past, they had to start anew. And where there aren’t traditions new and original sounds will arise. Čítaj viac »

Futurit: Popular music in context #Londýn

24 04. 2018 Tuesday 19:00
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Presented by Peter Dolník Čítaj viac »

Príbeh nula: „The Left to the City“ – Reflexie z aténskych ulíc (Reflections from the streets of Athens)

16 04. 2018 Monday 18:00
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Fifty years after the first publication of Henri Lefebvre's book The right to the city, we can witness how this term was swallowed by various neoliberal agendas, communal politicians, conservative academic urbanists, to name a few. In her presentation, a public confession and visual manifest, the sociologist and photographer Myrto Tsilimpounidi will focus on the term „the right to the city" in an attempt to closely examine the following questions: Whose right to the city? Should rights in the city only belong to the proper citizens? Čítaj viac »

Palo Fabuš: Birth of the computer from the spirit of mathematics

13 04. 2018 Friday 18:00
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Voluntary entrance fee

Technology and thought – lecture cycle on media philosophy

Even if we usually understand the computer as a tech invention, its epochal importance lays primarily in its role of transforming human thought as such. The computer was born from a 20th century crisis of though, as it cannot in any universal way combine the action of thinking, with that which is thought. As the computer practically materializes this though paradox, it forces us to come to terms with the fact that, thought might not be an exclusively human thing. Čítaj viac »

Palo Fabuš: Mediácia alebo Živé metafory – Pavol Fabuš: Meditation and live Metaphors

16 02. 2018 Friday 18:00
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Technology and thought – lecture cycle on media philosophy

Pavol Fabuš’s second lecture from the Technology and Thought cycle. As much as we might feel that media have been following humankind from its beginning, we can really start talking about it in the 20th century. Our musings on their nature stem mostly from significant multiplication and omnipresent spread – medialization. The thorough examination of their nature and origins brings just not just to the questions „What is a human? “, but also to the realization that media doesn’t truly exist. Čítaj viac »

Hudba 2017: Čo sa stalo? – Music 2017: What happened

03 02. 2018 Saturday 19:00

As always in A4 we ask the question what happened in music in the previous year? Year after year, the evaluating meeting of Czech publicists, festival dramaturgs and initiators Pavol Klusák, Aleš Stuchlý and Karel Veselý returns. Heights, discoveries, stable and labile geniuses of yesteryears indie pop, innovative and experimental music. A dynamic evening with many clips screened, recordings played, commentaries uttered and performances involuntarily performed.


What the hell Art and Mass Media are? – Tamara Moyzes

17 01. 2018 Wednesday 19:00

Continuing in our presentation cycle, this time with the artist Tamara Moyzes. Global media, together with the global financial crisis of 2007-8 shed light on a new wave of art connected with activism. Worldwide, arts were the first who started getting involved in political or social movements. A new generation of artists and thinkers is coming about, one that will refuse to be a part of ordained market rules and state authorities. Instead, they create new radical methods of engagement. What roles do artists play in activism? Čítaj viac »

Palo Fabuš: Je možné demokratizovať samotnú realitu? (Is it possible to democratize reality itself?)

12 01. 2018 Friday 18:00
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Technology and thought – lecture cycle on media philosophy

In the 70’s J.G. Ballard noticed that the world around him is changing so radically that reality moves to the background and fiction moves to the forefront – that fiction and reality have changed places. Stemming from historical and current philosophical knowledge and sociology of media, the cycle Technology, and Thought explores technological conditions of today's thought: why is todays world based more in the rules of fantasy than logic? Čítaj viac »

PechaKucha Night Bratislava Vol. 39 Family / Visegrad Edition

06 12. 2017 Wednesday 20:20

What does it mean to be a mom, dad, child or a grandparent? What can we learn from various types of families? The 39th edition of PechaKucha night will bring in 12 guests who will, in the format of 20 pictures in 20 seconds, present their works on the topic of parenthood, upbringing, children, family relationships, and love.

Organized by OZ Soyart.


Príbeh 0: Nacionalizmus (László Vörös)

29 11. 2017 Wednesday 18:00
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Nationalism: aggressive or liberal? Cultural or political? Integrative or exclusive? Western or Eastern? These and many more attributes are commonly attached to the social phenomenon which we call „nationalism“.

If that’s not it enough, we have patriotism and chauvinism, about which some historians and social scientists talk as about variations of nationalism, others as phenomena sui generis.

More at Čítaj viac »

Projekt Batyskaf: Musique Non-Stop – Noise

27 11. 2017 Monday 20:00
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Noise is a music genre, an approach and a bit of a lifestyle as well. It's musical roots reach back to the beginning of the 20 th century and it’s message and various variations are spread across a wide range of musical genres. The trip through this genre will be brought to you, as usual by Andrej.

In cooperation with Gegangere, c.a.


Príbeh 0: Hrdinovia kapitalistickej práce (Saša Uhlová) – Tale 0: Heroes of capitalist labor

16 11. 2017 Thursday 19:00
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Journalist Saša Uhlová herself experienced work in jobs, where people commonly work for minimum wage, cold, and stench at the workplace are common and where the eight-hour workday exists only on paper. She compiled her experiences from the environment of the worst paid jobs, into a cycle of investigative reports, published on the portal A2larm under the name Heroes of capitalist labor.

More at

Organized by Príbeh 0. Čítaj viac »

Poézia demokracie / LUTHER ~ ČSR Slovak Lutherans and 500 years of reformation

07 11. 2017 Tuesday 18:00
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Moderated by Michal Riečanský, presentation from historian Lukáš Krajčír Čítaj viac »

Project Batyskaf: Musique Non-Stop – “Outsider music”

30 10. 2017 Monday 19:00
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Each performer decides to go their own way, which is best for them and not every output is accepted. Sometimes barriers can be destroyed in the most bewildering places and new ones can be put up. Andrej will tell you about interprets balancing on the edge of being listenable, bizarreness and other obscure adjectives.

In cooperation with Gegangere, c.a. Čítaj viac »

Šilalo paňori (Studená vodička) a Ťažká duša

24 09. 2017 Sunday 18:00
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Dedicated to the memory of Béla Pokuta, unparalleled Roma singer

The Marek Šulík Documentary film Tažká Duša captures three stories from Roma communities and follows the way in which traditional Roma music is transferred from generation to generation and survives or does not transfer and dies away. Šilalo paňori is the name of an ethnomusicological research of old Roma requiems. This project was realized thanks to the support of The Slovak Research and Development Agency.

The film was supported by the Slovak Arts Council. Čítaj viac »

Projekt Batyskaf: Musique Non-Stop – “Internet genres”

07 09. 2017 Thursday 19:00
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Another piece in the cycle of music discussions, listening and viewing. This time about genres whose creation and existence was rapidly caused by the internet meme culture. Witchhouse, vaporwave, and other music phenomena, which, through their aesthetics and ambiguousness influenced our perception of music as such. Presented by Andrej. In cooperation with Gegangere c.a.


15 06. 2017 Thursday 19:00
vstup voľný

Babeltalk is a set of meetings of professionals from online marketing, especially with specialization in social networking. It held more than three years in Prague and Brno - and now it is for the first time in Bratislava. Three short presentations (max. 20 minutes), which show news and interesting case studies or some good social media hack. Finally, there will be space for your news and than networking. A chat and beer with people in the industry.

Organized by / Čítaj viac »

Príbeh 0: Brief history of anthropocene / Lukáš Likavčan

24 05. 2017 Wednesday 18:00
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Guest Juraj (blog Karmína)

The Swedish historian and political ecologist A. Malm warns, thats actual state of the planetary ecosystem is the result of a specific socio-economic apparatus, which over the last centuries has distributed its networks across the globe. In the lecture we show how this massive apparatus originated, how it depends on the living nature and how it transforms and reproduces. This helps us to suggest scenarios of post-capitalist future, that are under consideration now.

Organized by Príbeh 0

Leanne Wijnsma: The Smell of Data

19 05. 2017 Friday 19:00
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Presentation from the cycle "How to survive in the postdigital time". Perfume The Smell of Data smells metallic scent, when users recognize unprotected website or Wi-Fi network on their device.

Príbeh 0: Boje pracujúcich na Slovensku (1994 – 2014)

03 05. 2017 Wednesday 18:00
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Guest Juraj (from editorial office of blog Karmína)

In the presentation, through the optics of collective work we look at the period 1994-2014: from the "Meciarism" through the reforms and the economic crisis to the economic recovery that continues to these days. What did motivate these fights and what were their results? How to learn from that and what can bring the future?

Organized by Príbeh 0.


Musique Non-Stop: Industrial

19 04. 2017 Wednesday 18:00
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Wednesday/ 18.00 / lecture / volunatry entry

Continuation of a series of thematic musical evenings. Industrial, music genre and artistic movement, which arose at the end of eighties, since its beginning was considered a controversial, because of its uncompromising aesthetics and experimental sound, which denied any established musical forms and therefore it was a missing link between punk and avant-garde. About the projects as Throbbin Gristle, SPK, Cabaret Voltaire or Death In June will tell you Andrej. Čítaj viac »

What the hell***is? Special edition / Who the hell Michal Moravčík was?

06 04. 2017 Thursday 19:00

In Slovak

A new instalment of a successful presentation format series produced by A4 in collaboration with alt30collective. Every month brings a new topic related to contemporary visual culture and music but also ‘irresponsible questions’ regarding public space and cultural life.

Mira Keratová & Svätopluk Mikyta Čítaj viac »


04 04. 2017 Tuesday 17:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Michal Maco Bratiska / local brand, Samuel Trizuliak / student Cambridge University, networking afterparty

Plan_it_better is an event for all those people, who are interested in planning future (planning personal development, business or large area). The aim of this event is building culture at the university through networking, discussions and lectures with interesting people in a relaxing atmosphere. The after party is prepared after the official program. Čítaj viac »

A Question of Will

18 03. 2017 Saturday 18:00
vstup voľný

Series dealing with the question of will and related topics continues with fifth event, in which will perform artists Anjelika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun (The otolith Group) and speculative medievalist, philosopher and author Nicola Masciandaro.

Event is in english, provided translation into Slovak. More info Organized by Open Society Foundation.

What the hell Platform 1-12 is?

17 03. 2017 Friday 19:00

Zuzana Novotová Godálová

In March we introduce very interesting place for contemporary art and culture, which parasitizes at the bus station in small town Topoľčany.


MTP #15 BA: A. Harvey / computer vision, monitoring, camouflage

07 03. 2017 Tuesday 18:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Presentation is in english.

The presentation by Adam Harvey on computer vision, surveillance, camouflage is a preview event of the project Data:Democracy that the Goethe-Institut is preparing for this autumn.


MULTIPLACE #15: Zero-one... Start!

06 03. 2017 Monday 18:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Collection of multimedia and digital games collection in the Slovak design museum The initiating the collection of multimedia and especially the collection of digital games in the Slovak design museum, which is part of the Slovak Design Centre, talk by curator Maria Riskova and Maroš Brojo. Learn what is culturally significant software, what are the challenges ahead for the conservation, collection and presentation of multimedia and why are we starting with digital games created in Slovakia. Čítaj viac »

What the hell is Anasoft litera? – Simona Fochlerová (sk)

30 01. 2017 Monday 19:00
2€ / dobrovoľné vstupné

In Slovak

A new instalment of a successful presentation format series produced by A4 in collaboration with alt30collective. Every month brings a new topic related to contemporary visual culture and music but also ‘irresponsible questions’ regarding public space and cultural life.


A Question of Will: 02

28 01. 2017 Saturday 17:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

In English, Slovak interpreter available

Second instalment in the series of lectures by international specialists in fields of philosophy, arts, political sciences, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, computer science and human rights on the theme of 'free will' and a wide spectrum of co-related topics.

Curated by Boris Ondreicka and organised by the Open Society Foundation. For more info please access:

Pecha Kucha Night Bratislava Vol.36

25 01. 2017 Wednesday 20:20
5€ / dobrovoľné vstupné

In Slovak & English

A well-known presentation evening format where 20 images will be shown for 20 seconds each to showcase artists, designers, architects and individual projects connected to the theme of ‘Periphery’ and working beyond mainstream genres and large cultural institutions.

Thanks to the EEA & Norway grants we will welcome also guests from Norway.

Musique Non-Stop: Afrofuturizmus

12 01. 2017 Thursday 19:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Yet another evening in the series of music-themed talks will take us on an eclectic journey through cultural identity and liberation via technology.

Hosted by Andrej and organised by OZ Gegangere as a part of the Batyskaf project supported by the FPU public funds.


Question of Will

17 12. 2016 Saturday 18:00
vstup voľný / dobrovoľné vstupné

A conversation between artists, theoreticians and scientists on the theme of 'free will' invited to the capital via an international project organised by the Foundation for Open Society. Čítaj viac »

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