Teasing #2

20 06. 2017 Tuesday 20:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Moderator Tea Tralna

Tea Tralna (BWO) and her guest Stroon aka Dalibor Kocian aka vibraphonist with a soul of metalist and musical multifrenik. And of course, also a musician, songwriter, producer and DJ.


bees-R: Zrkadlenie (Mirroring) / PREMIERE

12 04. 2017 Wednesday 20:00
6€ / 4€

Wednesday / 20.00 / 6 € / 4 € students / multimedia performance

Choreography and dance Jana Tereková, music Joseph Champagnon with songs of Valgeir Sigurdsson a Batatunde Olatunji, author of text Zuzana Husárová, scenic and lighting design Ján Ptačin, costumes Gabriela Paschová, production Veronika Malgot a Jana Tereková

slow down pulsation /go and come back / stay between / deconstruct a form / collect fragments / thaw stretch knot / and flip over the space

Supported from public sources by Fond na podporu umenia. Organized bees-R. Čítaj viac »

ADAM NOVOTA: Tenei te tangata puhuru or unusual interests of next general

06 04. 2017 Thursday 16:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

The project develops and combines Slovak folk culture with the theme of discovering exotic overseas countries.

The project is implemented in cooperation with chimes Košariská - Priepasné and its authorial performance of artist Adam Novota.


MULTIPLACE #15: Piksel RemoteLab / Building simple instruments using guitar pedals workshop

04 03. 2017 Saturday 14:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Saturday / 14.00, 18.00, 20.00 / workshop, showcase, projection, performance / free entry

an exhibition curated by Gisle Froysland and Maite Cajaraville (Piksel Festival /Norway) for A4 (Slovekia). Čítaj viac »

Nomadic Arts Festival 2016: (na)miesto domova / performance

25 09. 2016 Sunday 21:30
vstup voľný

Finding a place, that we adopt - and leave in time of chaotic desire. Performance is connecting visuals, dance and music in a moment of common creation. Improvised works of authors: Dáša Krištofovičová (visual), Štefan Haládik (guitar, percussion), Mates Lukáč (accordion), Roberta Štěpánková (dance)

▲: Makino Takashi and Rei Hayama / Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat)

22 06. 2016 Wednesday 20:00
6€ / 4€

An evening of Japanese audio-visuals and audio performances that moves across the triangle of space-light-sound. The New York established musician and performer Keiko Uenishi (a.k.a. o.blaat) is a core memberof SHARE, and brings the project CDL: Car Décalé (Légèrement) / Because Shifted (Slightly) to Bratislava.Through various found objects, microphones with WiFi transmission and feedback he explore the properties and the reactions of the space in which the performance takes place. Čítaj viac »

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