City as a politicum / What to do with you, Bratislava?

29 10. 2018 Monday 19:00
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Continuing in the series of public discussion about the problems and challenges faced by the contemporary city. This time it is an election debate with the four hottest candidates for the Bratislava Mayor post, in the upcoming November elections.

Futurit: 40 years of ambient

18 10. 2018 Thursday 19:00
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Futurit: 40 years of ambient
Thursday / 19.00 / music lecture / free entry

Poetry of Democracy / Woodrow Wilson

15 10. 2018 Monday 18:00
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presented by Lukáš Krajčír, discussed by Eva Škorvanková, Dušan Kováč
Open diplomacy and the seas, freedom to nations in autocracies and colonies and an international peace forum. Deliberations of the American president Woodrow Wilson (1856 – 1924) were at the foundations of a new, more democratic Europe and Czechoslovakia. A president with his virtues and vices became an inspiration for the works of Slovak and Czech poets. Who was Wilson and what is his message?

Novotvar 2018 / Marek Debnár: Distance reading / discussion, lecture

05 10. 2018 Friday 17:00
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International literature festival / Platform of the Days of Slovak Literature.
The Novotvar festival is carried out thanks to the financial support of Ars Bratislavensis in cooperation with the Literary information center,  A4 – a

Post Bellum & Collegium Pamäti národa: Freedom of speech, relationship to truth and our responsibility

18 06. 2018 Monday 18:00
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Free entry

Collegium pamäti národa Slovensko and Post Bellum Are organizing for the public and their member a discussion: Freedom of speech, relationship to truth and our responsibility.

The discussion will have a public part and a working part of the Collegium Pamäti Národa. The public part is composed of a series of inputs and a discussion with personalities from the media and education. Čítaj viac »

Teasing #10 / Acidmilk

14 06. 2018 Thursday 19:00
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Voluntary entrance fee Čítaj viac »

Teasing #9 / Matěj Kotouček

28 05. 2018 Monday 20:00
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In May we are back with a new edition of discussion-listening evenings with people who make a living from music. Teasing are informal debates without genre restrictions and selection of favorites, describing the current musical alignment. Čítaj viac »

Teasing #8 / Bad Mojo

10 04. 2018 Tuesday 18:00
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Voluntary entrance fee Čítaj viac »

Chase A4 #2

07 04. 2018 Saturday 19:00
vstup voľný

Chess tournament in A4!

Registration: produkcia@a4.sk


Príbeh 0: This is what we wanted? Or how not to turn participation into a farce

26 03. 2018 Monday 18:00
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The right to the city has become an over-used slogan in the past year, one that is incanted by almost everyone who tries to shape the city. Despite that, we are always talking about the inhabitant's political participation in shaping the city, its face keeps changing primarily by the unstopping process of gentrification and commodification. In the discussion, we want to go back to the original idea of the right to the city and look for answers to the question if and how can democratization of our cities help in our struggle against the attempts to them to profit-generating functions. Čítaj viac »

Palo Fabuš: Fantázia rozumu - Mind Fantasy

22 03. 2018 Thursday 18:00
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Technology and thought II – lecture cycle on media philosophy Čítaj viac »

Príbeh 0: Behind the „free market" mirror – female migrants and pay housework

16 03. 2018 Friday 18:00
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The discussion will focus on the globalization of child and elderly care, hiring women for household work, its visualization and the impact of these processes on the life trajectories of women, their social standing, and formation of their subjectivity and ability to act. Answers to questions linked to the forms female care work in the context of migration and the global gender system will be provided by three social anthropologists who have been researching these topics in their ethnographic work in Austria, Czech Republic, Great Britain and in Slovakia. Čítaj viac »

Poetry of democracy / Štefánik

12 03. 2018 Monday 18:00
vstup voľný

Moderated by Lukáš Krajčír, panelists Peter Zajac, Michal Kšiňan, Juraj Smatana

„Democracy is an organized thought, it's the idea against chaos." Milan Rastislav Štefánik was one of the founders of the Czechoslovak state and his positive stance towards democratic values was clearly visible. Important deeds in the fields of science and international relations were an inspiration for poetry writings of many then-contemporary Czech and Slovak poets. How did they perceive Štefánik in the field of art? What is his message for today's times? Čítaj viac »

Príbeh 0: Covered eyes of the polis. Politicians, citizens and the politics of exclusion

09 03. 2018 Friday 18:00
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We often fall upon the term „men of November", which makes it seem that men are the undoubtable creators of historic events. But it is necessary to seek out women-revolutionaries, despite the fact that many of them stood on podia in front of masses. It’s not an uncommon way of limiting the historical records in public memory. It signalized how power is distributed in society, and how this distribution (amongst other things) forms historiography but also the general view of social events and leads to women and their public activities becoming invisible. Čítaj viac »

Poézia demokracie / Masaryk – Poetry of democracy/ Masaryk

19 02. 2018 Monday 19:00
vstup voľný

Moderated by Lukáš Krajčír, Panelists Dušan Kováč, Andrej Findor, Mária Stanková

„Democracy does not mean reigning, but working to secure justice. And justice is the mathematics of humanity.“ Čítaj viac »

Teasing #7 / Faun (Peter Dolník)

12 02. 2018 Monday 20:00
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This year’s second continuation of discussion-listening evenings with people who make a living from music. Teasing are informal debates without genre restrictions and selection of favorites, describing the current musical alignment. The evenings guest will be Peťo Dolník aka Faun. A long-term music editor of radio TLIS, who remained faithful to soundwaves and today works in Radio_FM. Faun is a musical eclectic, connoisseur, who enjoys of different tastes, aromas, and tempos.

Moderated by Tea Tralna.


Hana Librová: O nádeji v čase beznádeje – On hope in the times of hopelessness

09 02. 2018 Friday 17:00
vstup voľný

The Czech sociologist and environmentalist Hana Librová will arrive in A4 to present and discuss her book - Věrní a rozumní – Kapitoly o ekologické zpozdilosti (Loyal and rational – Chapters on ecological lateness). The book is the final part of her trilogy focused on the topic of voluntary modesty, following up on Pestří a zelení (1994) and Vlažní a váhaví (2003). Moderated by Mikuláš Huba and Ľubica Lacinová. Čítaj viac »

Poézia demokracie / Vznik Československa Founding of Czechoslovakia

25 01. 2018 Thursday 18:00
vstup voľný

Moderated by Lukáš Krajčír, panelists Iveta Radičová, Bohumila Ferenčuhová, Mária Stanková

„Democracy conquered the theocratic autocracy. Militarism is destroyed – democracy prevails; - humanity will be reorganized on the basis of democracy. The powers of darkness served for the victory of light – the awaited period of humanity arrives. We believe in democracy – we believe in freedom and in freedom which is always bigger and bigger." Čítaj viac »

43 rokov bratislavského metra

24 01. 2018 Wednesday 18:00

Directed by Lucia Kašová, SK, 17 min., slovak

Bratislava metro is a legend, a dream and also a demonstration of the incompetence of communal politics to solve the transport situation in the capital city. The short documentary about the project, which left only a three hundred meter tunnel, will try to find answers to the question where did it go wrong.

The film will be followed by a discussion on transport in Bratislava.


What the hell Art and Mass Media are? – Tamara Moyzes

17 01. 2018 Wednesday 19:00

Continuing in our presentation cycle, this time with the artist Tamara Moyzes. Global media, together with the global financial crisis of 2007-8 shed light on a new wave of art connected with activism. Worldwide, arts were the first who started getting involved in political or social movements. A new generation of artists and thinkers is coming about, one that will refuse to be a part of ordained market rules and state authorities. Instead, they create new radical methods of engagement. What roles do artists play in activism? Čítaj viac »

What the hell Noturno is? – Eduardo Matos

11 01. 2018 Thursday 19:00

For the start of the year, we prepared a projection of the successful short film Noturno from the Brazilian director Eduardo Matos, who has won awards worldwide.

Through pictures mixed into an assemblage, the film presents two characters – a foreign man and a girl from a German village who have more in life in common then it might appear at a first glance: interest in photography, loneliness and a life outside a social life. Čítaj viac »

Teasing #6 / Dominik Suchý (TITTINGUR)

10 01. 2018 Wednesday 20:00
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Voluntary entrance fee

We are back in 2018 with our concept of discussion-listening evenings with people who make a living from music. Teasing, are informal debates without genre restrictions and selection of favorites, describing the current musical alignment. Čítaj viac »

Príbeh 0: Štrajk vo VW a moc pracujúcich (Juraj / karmina.red) (Strike at VW and the power of workers)

14 12. 2017 Thursday 18:00
vstup voľný

Slovakia is considered to be an assembly hall with obedient employees. In June of this year, the first big strike in the auto industry took place. What did it bring? What was exceptional about it and mostly – what new horizons does it open? Čítaj viac »

Teasing #5 / Kabal

07 12. 2017 Thursday 20:00
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This year’s last edition of discussion-listening evenings with people who live with music. Informal debates without genre restrictions and selections of favorite pieces, dealing with current and mental musical frequencies. Under the leadership of Tea Tralna, her guest Kabal aka Jacques Kustod aka Zelený Antoin aka Ghostrider 1997 aka Výklenkové Rezonancie, will get you boiling. Andrej is musician and producer, whose musical focus is colorful despite being quite dark: drone, noise, psychedelic drone, techno, experimental. Čítaj viac »

Na čo je dnes dobrá filozofia? – What is philosophy good for today?

10 11. 2017 Friday 16:00
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Philosophy is known as exploring the most basic and most general problems of a life and person. It is intellectually demanding and rarely does it provide direct answers. It can be picked as a study major, but on the job market, the position of philosopher is very rare. What is the meaning of philosophy in today’s society? Should young people study philosophy? Can you be successful with philosophy? Our guests from the academia, experts on education and successful philosophy graduates, will seek answers to these questions. Čítaj viac »

DRAMA QUEER 2017 // "When I was a girl" or "LGBTI&Q+/-XYZ" / Záhrada, Banská Bystrica

09 11. 2017 Thursday 21:30
vstup voľný

Musical-dramatic, gender incorrect and disputable evening about the joy of changes and pains of their non-acceptance.

Organised by Nomantinels



City as a politicum / # 8

24 10. 2017 Tuesday 18:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Dramaturgy by Bohdan Smieška

The central theme of the fall series of discussions City as a politicum in 2017 is exploring the potential aspects and limitations of the development of the Bratislava metropolitan region.

The project was financially supported by the Bratislava Self-Governing region through the Bratislava Regional Dotation Scheme for the Support of Culture and by Creative Europe Desk Slovakia.

Organized by Local Act, c.a.

Teasing #4 / BWO

02 10. 2017 Monday 20:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Under the guidance of Tea Trálna you will get moving by not one, but by several guests – members of the BWO collective. It is responsible for a series of Bratislava club nights with the same name, which for over ten years has had the goal to interpose quality foreign and local club sound. Peverelist, Headhunter, Jamie Vex'd, Ramadanman, Ben UFO, Why Be, Kamixlo, Palmistry, they and others are amongst those who appeared in our neck of the woods thanks to BWO.

Festival OCHOTNÍCI, Amateur theater - highs & lows

16 09. 2017 Saturday 16:00
vstup voľný

Discussion with amateur actors, professionals from the National Educational Center, professional actors and visitors about the highs and lows of amateur theater.

Mesto ako politikum – City as a politicum

13 09. 2017 Wednesday 19:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Moderator Bohdan Smieška

Continuation of the series of public discussion on the problems and challenges faced by today's cities, with a primary focus on Bratislava. In regards to the upcoming regional elections (November 2017) the fall series will focus on the topic of the Bratislava Metropolitan region. Čítaj viac »

Teasing # 3 / BZGRL

05 09. 2017 Tuesday 20:00
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After the summer pause, another continuation of the concept of discussion-listening evenings with people who earn a living from music is here.

Under the leadership of Tea Tralna (BWO), you will get moving by the host BZGRL aka Adam Jurazsek, the Londoner relocated to Bratislava, musician and producer who active in the sonic fields of noise, post-grime, and musique concrète.

Discussion in English

Projekt Batyskaf: Musique Non-Stop – Východiská industriálu

28 06. 2017 Wednesday 19:00
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The continuation of lectures on the industrial music will focus on its origins, formation of scene and its message left in other music genres and also many of them, which were created by it. Time and genre ride will go to the present. For this time, the key words are EBM, techno, post-noise, performance and so on. It is traditionally moderated by Andrej.

In cooperation with OZ Gegangere, from public resources with support by Slovak Arts Council. Čítaj viac »

Teasing #2

20 06. 2017 Tuesday 20:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Moderator Tea Tralna

Tea Tralna (BWO) and her guest Stroon aka Dalibor Kocian aka vibraphonist with a soul of metalist and musical multifrenik. And of course, also a musician, songwriter, producer and DJ.


Cséfalvay & Smetana: Alternative Real

19 06. 2017 Monday 20:00
2€ / 1€

M. Smetana: selection of short films, A. Cséfalvay: Marx and Orcs (premiere)

The evening of short films by artists Matěj Smetana and András Cséfalvay connected with discussion on the use of narrative and visual film techniques in the fine arts.


We are not 4 without a culture

18 06. 2017 Sunday 19:00
7€ / 5€

Sunday / dance, theatre and discussion / 7 € / 5 € students / 2 € students VŠMU, AU, conservatories Čítaj viac »

We are not 4 without a culture

17 06. 2017 Saturday 17:00
7€ / 5€

Saturday / dance, theatre and discussion / 7 € / 5 € students / 2 € students VŠMU, AU, conservatories Čítaj viac »

Teasing #1

04 05. 2017 Thursday 20:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

moderator Tea Tralna, guest Jonatán Pastirčák              Čítaj viac »

Question of will* 06

08 04. 2017 Saturday 18:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Series focused on interdisciplinary examination of a question of will rounds out with the artist collective Anjalika Sagar & Kodwo Eshun (The Otolith Group) and Benjamin Bratton, philosopher and expert in geopolitical design. Realized by the Open Society Foundation in the curator's conception of Boris Ondreička.

The event is held in English, translation into Slovak will be provided. More information on www.questionofwill.sk. Organized by the Open Society Foundation. Čítaj viac »


04 04. 2017 Tuesday 17:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Michal Maco Bratiska / local brand, Samuel Trizuliak / student Cambridge University, networking afterparty

Plan_it_better is an event for all those people, who are interested in planning future (planning personal development, business or large area). The aim of this event is building culture at the university through networking, discussions and lectures with interesting people in a relaxing atmosphere. The after party is prepared after the official program. Čítaj viac »

Multiplace # 15: HOW TO SURVIVE / Discusion about post digital age

06 03. 2017 Monday 19:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Discussing Maria Rišková Ivan Adamovič, Adam Zbiejczuk, moderates Palo Fabuš.

Event is part of the Multiplace festival.



Miesto ako politikum

22 09. 2016 Thursday 18:00
vstup voľný

Series of public debates that reflect the critical issues and challenges facing the contemporary city. Local Act organizes in cooperation with the A4 and with the support of the Bratislava region. Slovak language


Poetry of democracy

21 09. 2016 Wednesday 18:00
vstup voľný

Moderator: L. Krajčír, panelists: M. Hanula, A. Draganová 


What are the forms of democracy poetry? What is the beauty and nature of this particular political and social system? "Will current Slovakia remain Liberal-Democratic?" Civic association Ladon monthly organizes event in cooperation with the A4.

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