Projekt Batyskaf: Musique Non-Stop – Východiská industriálu

28 06. 2017 Wednesday 19:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

The continuation of lectures on the industrial music will focus on its origins, formation of scene and its message left in other music genres and also many of them, which were created by it. Time and genre ride will go to the present. For this time, the key words are EBM, techno, post-noise, performance and so on. It is traditionally moderated by Andrej.

In cooperation with OZ Gegangere, from public resources with support by Slovak Arts Council. Čítaj viac »

Teasing #2

20 06. 2017 Tuesday 20:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Moderator Tea Tralna

Tea Tralna (BWO) and her guest Stroon aka Dalibor Kocian aka vibraphonist with a soul of metalist and musical multifrenik. And of course, also a musician, songwriter, producer and DJ.


Cséfalvay & Smetana: Alternative Real

19 06. 2017 Monday 20:00
2€ / 1€

M. Smetana: selection of short films, A. Cséfalvay: Marx and Orcs (premiere)

The evening of short films by artists Matěj Smetana and András Cséfalvay connected with discussion on the use of narrative and visual film techniques in the fine arts.


We are not 4 without a culture

18 06. 2017 Sunday 19:00
7€ / 5€

Sunday / dance, theatre and discussion / 7 € / 5 € students / 2 € students VŠMU, AU, conservatories Čítaj viac »

We are not 4 without a culture

17 06. 2017 Saturday 17:00
7€ / 5€

Saturday / dance, theatre and discussion / 7 € / 5 € students / 2 € students VŠMU, AU, conservatories Čítaj viac »

Teasing #1

04 05. 2017 Thursday 20:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

moderator Tea Tralna, guest Jonatán Pastirčák              Čítaj viac »

Question of will* 06

08 04. 2017 Saturday 18:00
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Series focused on interdisciplinary examination of a question of will rounds out with the artist collective Anjalika Sagar & Kodwo Eshun (The Otolith Group) and Benjamin Bratton, philosopher and expert in geopolitical design. Realized by the Open Society Foundation in the curator's conception of Boris Ondreička.

The event is held in English, translation into Slovak will be provided. More information on www.questionofwill.sk. Organized by the Open Society Foundation. Čítaj viac »


04 04. 2017 Tuesday 17:00
dobrovoľné vstupné

Michal Maco Bratiska / local brand, Samuel Trizuliak / student Cambridge University, networking afterparty

Plan_it_better is an event for all those people, who are interested in planning future (planning personal development, business or large area). The aim of this event is building culture at the university through networking, discussions and lectures with interesting people in a relaxing atmosphere. The after party is prepared after the official program. Čítaj viac »

Multiplace # 15: HOW TO SURVIVE / Discusion about post digital age

06 03. 2017 Monday 19:00
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Discussing Maria Rišková Ivan Adamovič, Adam Zbiejczuk, moderates Palo Fabuš.

Event is part of the Multiplace festival.



Miesto ako politikum

22 09. 2016 Thursday 18:00
vstup voľný

Series of public debates that reflect the critical issues and challenges facing the contemporary city. Local Act organizes in cooperation with the A4 and with the support of the Bratislava region. Slovak language


Poetry of democracy

21 09. 2016 Wednesday 18:00
vstup voľný

Moderator: L. Krajčír, panelists: M. Hanula, A. Draganová 


What are the forms of democracy poetry? What is the beauty and nature of this particular political and social system? "Will current Slovakia remain Liberal-Democratic?" Civic association Ladon monthly organizes event in cooperation with the A4.

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